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Helping a Family Member with Dementia

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Since dementia can have an early development in some individuals, even as early as 30 years old, steps can still be taken so families who live with a loved one with any type of dementia can continue to function as a unit and not be fully taken over by the mental health condition. Individuals who are then diagnosed with advanced degrees of dementia may need special kinds of care and assistance to help them with their day-to-day routines.

Families can also opt for a Home Care Provider in Lincolnwood, IL to help them have round the clock care at home to support their loved one. Ensuring the following tips below can greatly secure a safe environment for families who live with a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

  • Locks on doors Individuals with Alzheimer’s, the more common type of Dementia, may often encounter periods of confusion leaving them to question where they are or what they are doing at certain places in time. They should not go out of the house and into the streets unassisted because they can easily get lost or worse, have an undesirable accident. Having a designated Home Health Care aide supervising them can prevent these scenarios from taking place. Putting safety locks on doors can help, too.
  • Ensure hydration reminders During the day, their liquid intake should be monitored to keep track of their hydration. Staying hydrated can help with numerous body functions, starting with good digestion to the regular and proper flow of nutrients to the brain and body.
  • Help them with their meals Meal preparation should not be a full task to be handled alone by an individual with dementia. The possibilities of minor kitchen accidents should not be overlooked, rather, it should be averted to continue the desire of the individual to eat with consideration of their health conditions. Our caregivers can certainly take charge of this task for the day to guarantee their nutrition.
  • Prepare their medication If medication refills are necessary, help them out by arranging this beforehand, as well as into their medication reminder boxes. If you have a favorite pharmacy that can prepare the needed medication in blister packs or paperboard boxes, it will surely make the medication intake of your family member worry and hassle-free.
  • Talk to them Most importantly, your loved one with dementia still wants time with you. Be patient. Ask them Yes or No questions they can easily answer and will not require a lot of remembering. Most of all, make sure you let them feel that you love and care for them.

Responsibilities and work demands may come and go, but the Senior Care you can provide your loved one will help guard their health and safety at home.

Have the necessary care that your loved one needs at home through Care Assist Inc. Set an appointment with us or call 773-891-7590 to know the areas we cover in Illinois.

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